Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Getting Pre-order Bonuses

January 19th, 2010 | Categories: Playstation News, Ripten

Nintendo have today announced that they will be providing pre-order customers of Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver with one of two Pokémon figures.

If you pre-order Soul Silver, you get the Lugia figure, which as you can see is a decent-looking figure. If you pre-order Heart Gold, you get the completely shit Ho-oh figure. That’s not to say the quality of the figure is bad, just that Ho-oh is the worst-named, worst-looking and just generally worst Pokémon in the Gold-Silver generation of games.

You have my permission to rail on Ho-oh as much as you like. Lay into the newer Pokémon games, however, and you will be banished. They’re still good games, damn it!

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